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A Complete Guide to Germany Visa Requirements

Germany is one country in Europe that attracts a lot of visitors because of its rich cultural heritage, art and beautiful landscapes. Berlin and Munich are two of its most popular cities among tourists. And, why not? The country has so much to offer for all kinds of travellers! Germany is also a part of the Schengen region of Europe and thus require tourists to apply for a Schengen visa at the German embassy. In order to do that, you need to be aware of the Germany visa requirements and comply with them to ensure visa approval. In this article, we will share with you all that you need to do to fulfil Germany visa requirements and sail through the visa application process smoothly.

The Schengen visa allows barrier-free entry into all its 26 member states, which also includes Germany. This one visa enables a tourist to have access to all these countries without having to go through repeated checks while crossing borders within this region or having to get multiple visas for each country. This makes the Schengen visa one of the most sought after and lucrative visas globally.

However, you need to decide which country’s embassy you need to apply to, based on your travel plans and the point of entry and exit. So if you are planning to spend a considerable amount of time in Germany and just a couple of days in France, the embassy you should be applying to for a visa, is the German embassy. In that case, you need to know exactly how to go about it and what the German visa requirements are.


There are typically 10 different kinds of visas the German embassy can issue to visitors.

  • Schengen Visa (Tourist, Visit)
  • Studying & Language Learning Visa
  • Job Seeker Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Airport Transit Visa
  • Working Visa
  • Guest Scientist Visa
  • Training/Internship Visa
  • Medical Treatment Visa
  • Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa

Then Schengen visa is just one out of this list but is widely popular because of its appeal to tourists wanting to visit Europe. In this article we will focus on the requirements you need to fulfill in order to get a Schengen visa to travel to Germany.



As part of the Schengen countries of Europe, here is a list of documents that need to be submitted in order for you to meet the Germany visa requirements.

  1. Passport – This is the obvious one! You need to hold a valid passport to be able to apply to the German embassy for a visa. Not only that, the passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from when you send in your application. So even if you have a valid passport, if it is about to expire in the next 3 months, it will not be accepted by the embassy.
  2. Photos – 2 passport-sized photos need to be submitted as part of Germany visa requirements. The photos need to be clear and taken in well-lit conditions.
  3. Proof of accommodation – When applying for the visa, one of the documents that needs to be submitted is a proof of accommodation. It needs to show that you have either booked your own accommodation in Germany or have someone sponsoring your stay. This is one of the key components of the Germany visa requirements.
  4. Proof of transportation – This refers to documents showing proof of your confirmed air tickets, showing your travel dates and duration. It is basically an itinerary of your travel plans in Germany. This is another key component of the Germany visa requirements as outlined by the embassy.
  5. Travel health insurance – This includes valid and suitable health insurance plan covering the total number of days you will be staying in Germany
    Bank statement – A document from your bank showing your monthly transactions for the past 3 months
  6. No objection letter – This letter is required to validate your current status and assure the embassy that your have permission to travel. A no objection letter is typically obtained from your employer or school authorities.

The Germany visa requirements seem fairly straightforward at first glance. However, if you think carefully, you will notice that the proof of accommodation and proof of transportation are not that easy to show after all! This is because of a few reasons. In order to show these proofs, you need to purchase your air tickets and book your hotel rooms before initiating the visa application process. This can turn out to be a major issue later in case your visa does not get approved for any reason or the approval process takes longer than expected. If you don’t receive your visa on time to travel on the planned dates, both your flight tickets and hotel bookings go to waste.

Some airlines and hotels may provide a refund, but in most cases a huge chunk of money is lost as cancellation fees. And sometimes, if you do not cancel your reservations before a certain number of days, you may not even get any refund. This is an unwanted situation to be in, especially when you just wanted to plan a trip to Germany and enjoy your holidays.

With a little bit of planning, this situation can be avoided. In the next section, we tell you how!


To help you fulfil Germany visa requirements and also avoid unnecessary loss of money due to cancellations, there is something known as flight reservation for visa and hotel reservation for visa application. A flight reservation for visa is simply a proposed flight itinerary that you can obtain from a verified travel agency, as opposed to purchasing a flight ticket from an airlines. These itineraries are like confirmed bookings and come with a unique reservation ID, but without having to pay for the tickets upfront. This eliminates the risk associated with purchase of flight tickets before having an approved visa in hand. In this case, once your visa is approved, you can go ahead and confirm the flight reservation by paying for the tickets.

In case your visa gets rejected, you still have the option to cancel the reservation without incurring any financial loss! The same strategy applies to hotel reservations. Instead of booking hotel rooms in advance without knowing when your Germany visa will come through, opt for a hotel reservation for visa application that can be cancelled or postponed at any point if your visa does not get approved. This provides you with a lot of flexibility as well as peace of mind to know that there is no risk of losing money! If you are interested in knowing more about these services, read our articles on flight reservation and hotel reservation for a step-by-step guide.

If you have been planning to arrange for all these documents or need any other assistance to fulfil the Germany visa requirements, reach out to us via our contact us page. Our team of experts have years of experience in handling these issues and will ensure that you have a smooth sail through the visa process!


General information:
– All applicants are advised to take an online appointment prior to applying for their visa (
– Personal appearance at the German Embassy for submitting an application is mandatory.
– Minors have to be accompanied by their legal guardians (mainly the father) or if the father lives abroad, any authorised person (proof of written authorisation with Photo ID by the father attested by a German notary public)
– The time to process a Schengen visa application will require a minimum of seven days. However, in case an additional personal interview or additional supporting documents are necessary, the visa process might take up few days more.
– The visa application form form is available via:
The applicant has to date and sign the printout.

Link for Videx:

Information for Non-Bangladeshi applicants who have valid residence status in Bangladesh:

An application can only be filed in case you have a valid Bangladeshi Residence Permit with at least three months validity after the date of departure from the territory of the Member States.

Collection time for visa: Sunday – Thursday: 2.00 p.m.


General requirements irrespective of the purpose of travel:

  • valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 3 months validity after the scheduled return) with at least two empty pages
  • one Schengen Visa Application Form (all questions have to be answered)
    together with Declaration on True and Complete Information
  • two recent biometrical colour photographs, requirements are given here:
  • one copy of your passport’s data page including each previous Schengen-, Asia-UK- or USA-Visa (if travelled) (A4 size copy)
  • copy of the roundtrip airline reservation with passenger registration number or reservation number together with your travel itinerary. If relevant, entry permits for the next destination/s of the trip
  • certificate of leave letter from your company (if employed)
  • No objection certificate from school or university (if student)
  • personal bank statements, credit card statements of balance covering the last six months complemented by any other proof of financial solvency. (only originals are accepted)
  • documents related to civil status:
    – Marriage Certificate – if married
    – Divorce certificate (“talak namah”) – if divorced
    – Death Certificate – in case you are a widow or widower
    – Birth Certificate of your children – if you have children –
  • travel health insurance policy (valid for all Schengen countries covering medical expenses of at least 30,000/- €, see for recognized insurers in Bangladesh)


Download Complete Checklist : Here

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany

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1. Witness the Island life at Little Venice

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 2

Join a river cruise along the residential areas. Photo by: Dwi Anoranganirum (Arum)

Upon arrival in the bridge after the Bamberg Center, a line of half-timbered houses welcome you. They are a strip of buildings which mainly constructed in the middle ages. Formerly the fishermen’s village, this part of Bamberg has been one of the most favorites, tagging it as the Little Venice in Franconian Rome.

If you want to make your visit to the Little Venice more memorable, make sure to come in August (around the third week of the month) and be part of the traditional Bamberg Beer Festival called “Sandkerwa”. During the festival, Little Venice serves as the background in portraying the dispute of Bamberg’s fishers as well as a notable Italian night.

Location: Klein Venedig, Am Leinritt, 9604

2. Be mesmerized to an Old Town Hall resting in a river

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 3

Another greeting attraction in Bamberg is the Old Town Hall that lies in the middle of the Regnitz River.  It was originally placed in 1386 but was reconstructed from 1744 up to 1756 to widen the services to the public. The impressive location of the hall in the island’s side of Bamberg is said to be forcedly done. Some records tell that former people failed to get a land from the Bishop, where they can build the town hall, so they put up a human-made island where city hall has somewhere to stand to.

Now, this three-dimensional baroque architecture is highlighting the old Rococo Hall and the Ludwig Collection. The Ludwig Collection caters over 300 artistic figurines, animal-shaped serving dishes, and dinner services made of porcelain from the 18th century. If you are a big fan of these primitive collections, have access inside the old town hall. But if you are contented to its outside aesthetic, then grab your camera and shoot that best angle!

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 4

Location: Altes Rathaus, Obere Brücke 1, 96047

3.Visit Emperor Heinrich II and his wife Kunigunde at the Bamberg Cathedral

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 5

No, you will not meet Emperor Henry II who died in 1024 and his wife Kunigunde, but only to pay a visit on their ‘forever love’ tomb, created by Tilmann Riemenschneider, inside the Cathedral.  Also known as St. Peter’s and St. George’s Imperial Cathedral, it was initially constructed from 1002 up to 1012. After a decade of construction, a fire went it down, leading to the new formation in 1081. The third establishment was in 1111 and has been survived until today.

The 11th-century Cathedral is considered as one of Germany’s most important models of architecture from Romanesque to the Gothic period. It exhibits not only the royal couple’s tomb but as well as the Bamberg Horseman, the altar by Veit Stoss, and the papal tomb of Clemens II.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 6

A dramatic black and white four-tower Bamberg Cathedral. Photo by: Dwi Anoranganirum (Arum)

Scheduled tours are provided by the Cathedral Administration. It can include melodic concerts by the organ.

Location: Dom, Domplatz 5, 9604

4. Fall in love with thousands of Roses in New Residence’s Garden

Who wants three pieces of roses for I LOVE YOU? Or a dozen to make it more romantic? Well, stop that little desire and load yourself with thousands in the Rose Garden of the New Residence.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 7Rose Garden at the New Residence by Thomas Depenbusch (license)

More than 4500 roses are flaunted in the courtyard of the New Residence in Bamberg during summer. Touring around the columns of roses can give an almost perfect impression of relaxation. Café is ready to serve the visitors and benches are all stand by too for your weary feet to relax.

As Germany has four different seasons, do not expect the whole year of roses blooming. Nevertheless, pay a visit after winter season to have a unique view of the garden and gaze as well the St. Michael’s Monastery.

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 8

Location: Rose Garden – Domplatz 8, 96049

St. Michael’s Monastery – Michaelsberg 10f, 96049

5. Have a glass of Rauchbier (smoked beer) in a traditional brew pub

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 9

After viewing St. Michael’s Monastery, which is a former brewery, it’s time to try the original smoked beer in Bamberg.

Monasteries are said to be the origin of breweries and believed that smoked beer is invented accidentally. There was the fire in this religious foundation and bulks of barleys were smoked. During the middle ages, the monks are allowed to brew, which helps them to stay self-sufficient.

Presently, the distinctive taste of the smoked beer is preserved in Bamberg as barleys about in 36 hours. And to continually achieve the smoked beer’s taste like in 300 years ago, the master brewer needs to adjust the flame during the process.

Amazing, isn’t it? There are nine breweries, which are mostly internationally-acclaimed with awards, in Bamberg and all of them can definitely satisfy your beer-craving. If not, then try the other 70 breweries around the town. When you come back to Bamberg, lend a more space in your stomach and get drunk with its 50 varieties of beers. Prost! (Cheers!)

Location: Schlenkerla – Dominikanerstrasse 6, 96049

6. Try the Bamberger Zwiebel (Onion of Bamberg)

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 10Bamberger Zwiebel by Bernt Rostad (license)

Embrace the delicious agricultural side of Bamberg by ordering the grilled onions stuffed with mincemeat or the Bamberger Zwiebel in a restaurant.

Way back in 1600, Bamberg was the center of onion cultivation, when vast production in Germany started. So in support of the main crop in town, place an order of their Onion Meal. Do not worry on your breath after; there’s nothing wrong in making your tummy filled. Locals said that Bamberger Zwiebel is best to taste during winter.

7. Enjoy the hilly walkways and nature-like scenery

For the nth time, Bamberg has been compared with Rome including their same seven hill-structures. A peaky town displays the natural pride of every spot that it can offer. In Bamberg, churches and cathedrals; houses; and universities are some common stressed constructions, which are influenced by the exceptional medieval era.

For a day tour in Bamberg, to stand in the hilly alleys can be enough to fill your eyes with amusement. Enjoy your walk paths and peep the top sites situated in each hilly part of the town.  Yes, it could be tiring to walk the whole day, but the green scenery in Bamberg can get rid of that grogginess. Bamberg is one of the cities where you can still stroll freely, without minding any traffic around. This might also be the best combination of relaxation and tour, isn’t it?

7 Awesome Things To Do in Bamberg, Germany 11

Though the lists can be done in a day, do not miss the chance to spend more time exploring this ancient town.

How to get there: The nearest airport in Bamberg is Nuremberg. From there, you can take a one-hour train trip. An affordable day ticket, costing 18€ can be used. Purchase a Tagesticket Plus that can cover 2 Adults and 4 Kids, valid for a day.  Additionally, there’s a weekend promo which allows passengers who bought this ticket on Saturday, to be used it until the next day.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Nuremberg.

Planning to spend a weekend in Bamberg? Do not forget to do all or any of the things mentioned here. But I am sure you will also discover other awesome things to do in Bamberg! Share them!

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