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Our Employment Specialties

We Take Care of the Labor Market Development

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We support employment agencies in providing services that help candidates find the right jobs and the right workers for the employers. We are looking for solutions that improve the functioning of the labor market. We look after high quality of the services provided by the member companies while respecting their ethical principles. We promote good practices.

We Review and Intervene


We monitor changes in law regulations and provide full information to member companies. We review all draft laws that affect the functioning of the employment agency. We focus on problem areas to propose solutions. We participate in social dialogue in Poland and in Europe.

We Provide Training to Educate

Eucation and Training

We work with the best experts, who support more than 300 employees of member companies in their development each year. We provide training in legal regulations as well as in methods of effective implementation of recruitment processes.

We Analyze Economy and Provide Information

We Analyze and Provide Information

As the only entity on the market, we publish data showing industry performance every quarter. We review the remuneration of temporary employees once a year. We analyze trends and their influence on existing labor market.

Skilled Professional
Labor for Manufacturing / Construction

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