Rejected German Visa: My Remonstrance for a Schengen Visa

“I was too confident.” That’s the greatest realization that slapped my face when I received my passport without the stamped of Schengen Visa from the German Embassy.

It was my second time to apply for a Schengen Visa in the same Embassy. I thought I was prepared enough and can easily get that visa as smooth as my first application. I was wrong.

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Okay, enough with the negativity for a minute. Pause for a moment and try to imagine yourself here:

A little bit more summer-sunshine in Nuremberg, Germany

Winter white excitement!

Relaxing, isn’t it? Those photos can be one of the reasons to attract positive senses and stay motivated even if a rejection comes. Sometimes, depending on every applicant’s case, to re-apply is not the best, immediate solution once you got rejected. There is a way to skip repeating the steps of making an interview schedule, filing your documents, attending the personal interview, and waiting for your passport to be delivered. The answer for a Refusal of Visa is a “Remonstrance”. This process is definitely legal and free, and I can tell, the best one.


So, let me boost up your confidence by sharing my experience on how to file a Remonstration (asking for a new decision) of your DENIED SCHENGEN VISA application in LESS THAN A MONTH, and finally step in your feet to where ever Schengen countries in you are routing to.

January 21, 2015

I received the Ablehnungsbescheid (Refusal of Visa Letter/Notification).

“Your application is hereby refused.” I wish that every Schengen Visa applicant will not see this line.

I know it is heartbreaking to see the letters D-E-N-I-E-D on a paper instead of the newly-attached Visa on your passport; but try to stay FOCUS and READ my following experience.

There are nine general reasons why your application is denied:

There are 9 general reasons for denial

To make these reasons clearer, the letter provides an outlined “sub-reasons” on why your application was not successful.

The sub-reasons for denial

Whatever marked in your Refusal Letter should be clear enough for you to take the next step. Analyze it and if you think that you can OPPOSE THE REASON which the embassy noted and therefore DO NOT AGREE WITH ITS DECISION in denying your application, start to prepare for the filing of your Remonstration.

IMPORTANT: If you deem that the Embassy’s decision is right and you do not have any acceptable reasons and supporting documents for your remonstrance, stop reading this AND START WITH YOUR NEW APPLICATION!

January 22-24, 2015

I crafted my Remonstrance Letter and prepared the necessary documents which support my appeal.

The rejection of my visa application denoted the Reason Number 8: “The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.”

I tried to remember what I have said during my interview and could not recall what’s wrong and what’s lacking with the details I have uttered. The supporting reason answered that: “Your purpose of stay was not substantiated by the documents presented.”

On my second application in January 2015 for a Visitor’s Visa, I submitted the same documents based on my first application in August 2014, and was too confident (like what I have said in the first paragraph of this article. Apologies for saying it again.) that it would give the same result. But I was stupid enough not to consider the big difference on the span of time I am requesting for. I requested for a 21-day stay on my application last year while my 2015 application was a 90-day (the maximum days you can get within six months) multi-entry Schengen Visa. Though I explained that my three-month stay will not only focus on visiting a friend but also academic reasons such as to prepare for the Master’s program I will attend in Hamburg, Germany, by taking a language course, I failed to submit the valid documents on these statements as I focused on the general and basic requirements of a Visa for the purpose of visiting a friend. I opted the Visitor’s Visa as I have a Formal Obligation from a friend in Germany and will then stay in his place so I do not need to present a proof of accommodation. Additionally, acquiring a Schengen Visa for the participation in a language course lasting no longer than three months requires an evidence that you have previously attended language courses, which I did not have.

For your reference, here are the links for the list of requirements I needed in applying for a Schengen Visa in Germany, according to my purpose:

For visiting family/friends:

For participating a language course not more than three months:

I prepared a copy of the email from the University, acknowledging the receipt of my application and the schedule of my one-month language course. I needed some days to complete the additional documents and to finalize my Remonstrance letter which includes quite a lot of readings. I wanted to be very sure that time and considered that appeal as my last chance to get the Visa before my confirmed flight on February 16. Generally, the remonstrance letter should include the following:

  • Your full name, date of birth, place of birth, and the number of your passport
  • The date your application was rejected
  • A serviceable address that contains the street name, house or apartment number, City/ Town/ Village, postal code, if applicable: please state your e-mail address
  • The remonstration must be signed by your own hand (a remonstration by a third party e.g. your sponsor, can only be accepted and processed if you have given your sponsor a power of attorney, which is submitted with the remonstration)

January 26, 2015

I sent my Remonstrance letter via email.

For my case, I also asked my friend to support my remonstrance which I guess was helpful as it was written in German. Be sure that your letter and the one you asked to assist you are coordinated.

This is my Remonstrance Letter’s format:

Remonstrance letter format

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January 27 up to February 12, 2015

These were the days of frustration.

My flight comes closer and no email yet from the Embassy regarding the result of my Remonstration. New plans are coming like starting to prepare my documents again for the new application. To think that was very discouraging because of the long process I need to go through again, plus wasted money and time. Though 85% of me was telling that I need to give up already on that Remonstration result because of the various experiences I am reading in forums that there is really no clear time on how long the Embassy will respond to your appeal, I still decided not to rebook my ticket. There’s still a 15% of me who believes that there will be result soon anyway, and that, I will fly in some days. I know that waiting for the result was the only thing I can do during those days and try to avoid making follow-ups to the Embassy regarding my appeal.  Asking for an update time by time slows the Embassy’s system and so I encourage every petitioner to BE PATIENT during the process! I guess my patience can only take for two weeks. On February 9, 2015, I sent an email, asking for any information about my plea. I did that because I supposed 14 days after I sent my Remonstration is reasonable enough to ask for an update and my flight would be in seven days then.

February 12, 2015

I set this day as my last day of waiting.

It was Thursday and if the Embassy wants to issue the Visa, it should be on this day so I can have time (on Friday) to bring my passport. My email showed nothing from the Embassy. I decided to arrange my ticket the next day.

February 13, 2015

The “Thank You, Lord!” day.

The "Thank you, Lord!" day!

I welcome each day with opening my eyes and checking mails on my phone. URGENT was the first word I saw. I stayed relax as I knew it was not work-related; the people in my freelancing activities have never used the word urgent as a subject of their mails, even though it’s urgent. So… I opened that mail and my 15% hope immediately went up to 100% but ended with 98%. Yes, HOORAY FOR A NEW DECISION! But the 2% disappointment was for the re-booking fee. As indicated in the Embassy’s email, it needs one up to two to three working days to issue my visa. I changed my flight date on February 20, and it was not cheap as I submitted not a reservation ticket but a confirmed one.

IMPORTANT: Do not ever do what I did. Just pass a reservation of round-trip ticket during your personal interview. The Embassy is not requiring an applicant to present the confirmed tickets. I thought I will be approved immediately so I purchased CONFIDENTLY my flights.

February 16, 2015

The day of my departure turned into the day of the submission of my passport and new tickets.

I do not have any idea on how it should be but it turned definitely easy. The Counter 1 in German Embassy is designated for inquiries like mine. The lady just asked the new date of my departure and suggested just to pick up my passport personally because of the holiday on the 19th.

February 18, 2015

“This is it!” Day

My smile on that day while looking my newly-printed Schengen Visa was enough reason to be speechless.


To avoid being denied of your application:

  • Allot enough time in applying for a Schengen Visa. Do the personal interview THREE MONTHS before your preferred date of departure, though it is possible to do for ONE MONTH.
  • Prepare and bring all the REQUIRED documents and MIGHT BE REQUIRED. For instance, photos showing how you have known the person inviting you (for Visitor’s Visa and for Formal Obligation). Do not just stick with what is listed from the Embassy’s information sheet.
  • BE CONFIDENT, but DO NOT BE OVER CONFIDENT! It is important to get that convincing feeling for the Embassy Staff during the personal interview. Talk friendly and present your requirements confidently (but not too much).
  • EXTRA TIP: Many visa applications require you to show a full travel itinerary and a verifiable flight reservation in order to process your visa application, but why would you pay for a flight if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to use it? With Visa Reservation you can get a flight itinerary, with an unlimited number of flights. 

If refused:

  • ADMIT your FAULT if you think you really did mistakes in the application. I believe that Embassy has enough reasons why it did not issue your Visa.
  • DO NOT GIVE UP and FIND THE SOLUTION. Even if no one knows how high the possibility of receiving a new decision is, TRY TO FILE A REMONSRATION! (as soon as possible). You are only allowed to appeal for one month after the receipt of rejection.
  • Invest LOTS OF PATIENCE. I know how frustrating it is to wait WITHOUT KNOWING EXACTLY WHEN you can receive and WHAT WOULD BE THE RESULT, but be PATIENT! It would be worth the wait!

If your remonstration is not granted:

  • ACCEPT IT and do a new application. Fix your documents and evaluate thoroughly what was wrong.

If you’re feeling stressed with the administrative process of your application, RELAX and SURROUND your mind with inspiring photos of your destination like these:

A part of the East Side Gallery (or the Freedom Wall) in Berlin, Germany

Regensburg, Germany