Canada Immigration – BC

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IMMIGRATE TO BRITISH COLUMBIA British Columbia has world class cities, mountains, ocean, rivers, lakes and rainforest. The temperature is warmer than other parts of Canada with mild, rainy weather in both summer and winter along the coast and generally warmer but snowy winters inland. The population is ethnically diverse, the cost of living is on […]

Documents Required for Europe Visa

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schengen visa

Schengen Visa Application Requirements for Bangladesh When applying for a visa to Europe you will have to submit some required documents as part of the Schengen visa application process. The Schengen States have created a list of the required documents for each purpose of entry in this territory, and these requirements are approximately the same […]

How To Check Poland Work Permit Letter – BEFORE APPLYING POLISH VISA

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Poland Offers “Family 500+” Program for the Betterment for Foreigners

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family 500plus poland

Law and Justice ruling party in Poland has recently introduced the so called “500+” program in Poland. For every second and next child under eighteen years of age a family receives 500 PLN per month (approx. 110 EUR). At first glance, the extra cash may seem to be helpful for Polish families, but when you […]

12 Best National Parks in Europe

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The 12 Best National Parks in Europe KATE SITARZ The United States may seem like the obvious choice for a national park vacation, especially for American travelers, but Europe has an abundance of national parks worth exploring as well. Whether your thing is hiking fjords in Norway, exploring castle ruins in Portugal, or sampling local […]

No Visa Required (NVR) – Visa On Arrival (VOA) – E-Visa (electronic or online visa) Accepted Country List For Bangladeshi Nationals

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No Visa Required (NVR) – Visa On Arrival (VOA) – E-Visa (electronic or online visa) Accepted Country List For Bangladeshi Nationals

Travel Statistical Report 2017

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8 key insights into digital travel in 2017 and beyond What should you expect from the digital travel industry in the months to come? These are the highlights from our research report 2017 Phocus Forward: The Year Ahead in Digital Travel. Download the full report  

6 Tips for Online Payment Safety

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They say that electronic money is secure. They say that the security system cannot be breached. So why do we hear stories about money disappearing from an account? Learn how to keep your money secure. We have written about money theft several times. However, as the issue is not to be underestimated, we want to […]

Industry Insight

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GLOBAL INDUSTRY INSIGHT Opinion, analysis and interviews across the technology industry What might life with your future robot co-workers be like? Three brand new transport solutions developed by the little guys Ada Lovelace: Seven odd facts about the first programmer The End of an Error: Microsoft’s litany of Windows Phone mistakes How the Cloud is […]

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চাকুরির জন্য বিদেশে যাওয়ার আগে করণীয়

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পাসপোর্ট করুন পাসপোর্ট হল বিদেশে যাওয়ার জন্য বাংলাদেশ সরকার থেকে দেয়া একটি পরিচয়পত্র। পাসপোর্ট ছাড়া আপনি কখনও বিদেশে যেতে পারবেন না। পাসপোর্টের মাধ্যমে বাংলাদেশ সরকার আপনাকে বিদেশে যাওয়ার অনুমতি দেয়। তবে যারা নতুন পাসপোর্ট করবেন বা পাসপোর্ট সংশোধন করবেন বা নবায়ন করবেন তারা অবশ্যই মেশিন রিডেবল পাসপোর্ট করবেন। এখানে উল্লেখ্য যে, ২০১২ সালের পর থেকে […]


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100 MOST BEAUTIFUL UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES Below are some of the best UNESCO world heritage sites around the world. There are currently over 1000 sites listed with UNESCO so narrowing this list down to only 100 was quite the task. If we missed one of your favorite UNESCO sites, please let us know in […]

Visa Success on Poland Work Permit

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Mohammadi Air Traveld Ltd. Dhaka Bangladesh Schengen europe visa process documents required

Check-out our recent Poland Work Permit Visa Country: Poland Type: Work Permit Nationality: Bangladeshi Application Details:

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Welcome to Travel services. About®® is operating as a sister concern of Infinite Bangladesh and “Fiora Overseas” and “Infinite Bangladesh” since 2011, certified Destination Management Company, with its main office in Dhaka. Founded in 2011, it has made an indelible presence in the region’s travel industry by offering best-in-class touristic service to […]

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